Eric Van den Bossche - Clinical Psychologist

Eric’s psychological focus is the treatment of long standing problematic presentations especially in regards to the role and effects of trauma in people’s lives, depression that has not responded to other treatments and changes in personality following prolonged unresolved trauma and depression. He is a registered Psychologist with endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA) and Medicare. Eric is also member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the APS Clinical College and is the secretary of the local branch of the APS. 

Eric undertook his Psychology studies at Melbourne University, Monash University and Charles Sturt University. He has obtained Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Psychology (Clinical) degrees as well as a Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology and a Master of Social Science (Criminology). Furthermore, he has completed post-graduate research in the actuarial and dynamic assessment of re-offending risk with the University of Melbourne and has completed several training certificates in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy.  

For over 30 years he has gained a broad range of clinical experience and skills with psychological interventions with adults in prison and psychiatric settings such as major mental illnesses including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, personality disorders and violent behavior. Before joining Oceanside Clinical Psychology, Eric worked in a psychiatric unit as a clinical psychologist for NSW Health and for over 10 years as the senior clinical psychologist for a Victorian mental health service. Throughout his public service career, Eric has conducted private practice in Victoria and over the past 5 years in the Northern Rivers.

He continues his passion about using psychological treatments to empower and support adults and assist the acceptance and management of profoundly distressing life changing experiences. For example, through exploration and understanding of life experiences, biological and psychophysiological factors, the development of cognitive and behavioral skills can be utilized to improve their quality of life and to provide coping tools.  

While broadly informed through study and research Eric focuses on the utilization psychological theory and treatment of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy. Within the tradition of the Oxford School of Cognitive Therapy Eric uses a tailored approach to generate a formulation based on the individual’s needs. This respects the fundamental importance and respect for establishing and building a strong therapeutic relationship.

Eric works with individual adult clients. Clients are encouraged to involve important people in their lives such as friends, family and partners in order to provide useful information from another perspective and to be involved in psychological interactions that can often play significant roles in the maintenance of problematic behavior and facilitate positive change – when relevant and dependent on client consent.

Eric regularly attends conferences and workshops to ensure he stays up to date with the latest developments and treatment approaches as well as maintaining his professional registration responsibilities.

In his free time Eric regularly travels Indonesia surfing, has a paint brush in his hand renovating, playing the drums, listening to music and enjoying time with his family.

Eric can be contacted directly on 0421 965 925 or email